CUBA Studio Changelog

Version 2.1.4

Bug fixes, including:

  1. Hot deployment settings are lost when Studio settings are saved.
  2. Incorrect refactoring for entity attributes after switching to entity source tab.
  3. Parsing of XML fails if it contains a doctype referencing a non-reachable DTD file. It affects the Vaadin add-ons integration functionality.

Version 2.1.3

Improvements, including:

  1. Support for CssLayout.
  2. Support for reversePosition and min/max attributes of SplitPanel.
  3. Add CharacterEncodingFilter to the portal template web.xml.
  4. Use datetime type for Time attributes on Microsoft SQL Server to avoid issues with jTDS driver.
  5. SoftDeletion, Versioned, Updatable interfaces can be implemented by an entity in extension if they were not implemented in the base entity.

Bug fixes, including:

  1. Error when opening an extension project on Mac OS X.
  2. In Jelastic deployment settings, single-war-web.xml is not regenerated when the Generate button is pressed.
  3. restart task does not depend on web-toolkit:deploy if it is exists in the project.
  4. Modify cuba.connectionUrlList in desktop/webstart/template.jnlp when changing modules prefix.
  5. Redundant DB update scripts in extension on changes made in a base project.
  6. Redundant DB init scripts in extension if the base project contains unique attributes.
  7. Cannot open BPM model editor from extension project.
  8. Remove View field from nested datasources.

Version 2.1.2

Improvements and bug fixes, including:

  1. MySQL JDBC driver should be renamed to mysql-connector-java.jar and placed to the lib directory of the Studio installation.
  2. Cloud deployment settings page now sets relative paths to web.xml and context.xml in the new webXmlPath and coreContextXmlPath properties of the jelasticBuildWar task. These properties are available since the platform version 6.1.2.
  3. Connection params are lost after changing the set of base projects.
  4. Issue with saving full-text search configuration.
  5. Generate model usability issues.

Version 2.1.1

  1. The license has been changed: see
  2. Platform release 6.1 support.
  3. If premium add-ons (base projects) are used in the project, Studio adds the repository to build.gradle.
  4. Now you can generate data model and standard UI screens for an existing (legacy) database. See Generate model link on the Entities tab.
  5. MySQL support.
  6. Microsoft SQL Server 2012+ specifics (sequences and datetime2) support.
  7. Database connection parameters can be specified in the Connection params field on the Project Properties page. See context help for details.
  8. Groovy can be used for writing screen controllers and services. See the Groovy support checkbox on the Project properties > Advanced tab.
  9. Scaffolding for new UI components: see the Project Properties > Create new UI component link.
  10. Extending Studio with new base projects and UI components: see the Project Properties > Extend Studio link.
  11. Easy deployment to the Jelastic cloud: see the Project Properties > Cloud deployment settings link.
  12. When a new project is created, Studio generates additional empty extra.gradle file which is included in build.gradle. Use extra.gradle for your custom build configuration. Studio never rewrites it.
  13. Search (Alt+/) now shows all Gradle tasks defined in build.gradle and extra.gradle.
  14. Debug versions of inherited widgetsets can be used to simplify debugging of client-side JavaScript code. See Project Properties > Advanced > Use debug versions of widgetsets.
  15. Standard screens are created in the web module by default.
  16. Screen timers can be defined on the Properties tab of the Screen Designer page.
  17. Now you can set specific dimensions of the Screen Designer canvas in pixels through the Design layout dimensions field on the Properties tab. If the specified dimensions are greater than the current screen available space, the scrollbars appear.
  18. Many visual components can be instantly converted to alternatives using the Convert to ... context menu item in the components hierarchy. For example, Table to GroupTable, VBox to HBox or GroupBox, etc.
  19. Code completion in the datasource query editor prompts parameter prefixes, existing datasource names for the ds$ prefix and session parameters after the session$ prefix. See context help for details.
  20. Ctrl+I keyboard shortcut opens a current editor in IDE. For example, if you open a screen controller in Studio and press Ctrl+I, the controller will be opened in the IDE.
  21. Now you can define format strings for locale-dependent parsing and formatting data through the Project Properties > Available locales editor.
  22. New options on the Help > Settings page. See context help for details.
  23. The new light visual theme has been added. See the switch at the top right corner of the welcome page.
  24. Over 50 other bug fixes, enhancements and usability improvements.