CUBA Studio Changelog

Version 2.0.6

  1. Support for multiple view configuration files.
  2. Services are automatically registered in optional modules (portal, desktop).
  3. @Component annotation is used in Entity Listeners instead of @ManagedBean.
  4. The accept attribute has been added for the FileUpload and FileMultiUpload components.
  5. Esc closes the project when no pages are open.
  6. Bug fixes, including:
    1. Two constraints with same name on an entity with many-to-many relation to itself.
    2. Exception when trying to delete the MapViewer component.
    3. Order of fields on fieldGroup differs (by default) from what is declared in the entity.

Version 2.0.5

  1. The Gradle home field has been moved to the Advanced dialog of the server window.
  2. Open Sans font is now used instead of Arial.
  3. The new Ctrl+I keyboard shortcut applies changes and opens the current editor in the IDE.
  4. Projects in the Recent list are sorted by name and then by path.
  5. The Tomcat AJP connector port can be set on the Project Properties > Advanced tab for projects based on the platform 6.0.7+.
  6. Fixed inconvenient table rows selection on laptops with touch screens.
  7. Desktop web-start link is now active only if the web-start files are actually deployed.
  8. Windows installer now checks if the proper JDK is present.
  9. Letter case is now preserved when creating names of invoke handler methods.
  10. Bug fixes, including:
    1. Incorrect implementation of the Versioned interface in projects based on the platform 6.0+.
    2. Incorrect generation of test dependencies in projects based on the platform 6.0+.
    3. An attribute of UUID type is created with the wrong annotation in projects based on the platform 6.0+.
    4. Custom Tomcat properties are lost after recreating build.gradle.
    5. A screen controller is lost after moving a screen from web to gui module.
    6. The list of available themes does not include custom themes.
    7. NPE when selecting a tab with AceEditor containing no text.
    8. IndexOutOfBoundsException on the entity Instance Name tab when removing two items at the same time.

Version 2.0.4

  1. The new Test connection button in Project Properties allows you to check database connection settings.
  2. Unicode symbols can be used for language name in the Locales dialog available through Project Properties > Available locales. For example, Fran├žais.
  3. The deprecated workflow base project is shown only if the application project already uses it.
  4. Bug fixes, including:
    1. Incorrect Spring XSD version for new projects and projects migrated from platform 5.6.
    2. After renaming an enum class in IDE, Studio keeps old enum in enum tree.
    3. Exception when defining a bean name for the Entity Listener and switching to source and back.

Version 2.0.3

  1. Default PickerField actions are not written to XML in screen extensions.
  2. Fixed incorrect rewriting of web.xml after adding the charts base project.

Version 2.0.2

  1. Check for JDK version (1.8.0_40+) on start.
  2. Fixed too long delay before showing the list of projects.
  3. Fixed bugs with extension projects.
  4. Fixed some usability bugs.

Version 2.0.1

  1. Fixed sporadic UI freezes.
  2. Fixed desktop module template for platform 6.0.
  3. Fixed some issues with extension projects.
  4. Fixed bug which prevented Studio from start from any folder if launched by bash script.

Version 2.0.0

  1. Java 8 is required to run Studio.
  2. Platform release 6.0 support.
  3. Gradle 2.6 is used for project building.
  4. The new dark visual theme.
  5. Proper scaling when using the browser zoom function.
  6. The screen layout designer has been improved.
  7. The new Create standard screens page enables fine tuning of the generated screens and creation of the combined browser+editor screen.
  8. The warning about incompatibility between the data model and the database scheme can be suppressed in the dialog or turned back on in Help > Settings.
  9. Some keyboard shortcuts have been changed, see the context help.
  10. Microsoft SQL Server clustered indexes are not generated automatically.
  11. Support for platform releases 5.0 and 5.1 has been dropped.
  12. Over 20 other bug fixes, enhancements and usability improvements.