CUBA Studio Changelog

Version 1.6.4

  1. When selecting Git as a VCS in project properties a new repo is initialized if it doesn't exist yet.
  2. Bug fixes:
    1. Not all files are added into Git after extending main window.
    2. Database update fails on HSQL after adding a mandatory attribute to an entity.
    3. It is impossible to add an assosiation field for a non-persistent entity.
    4. Error after changing controller from custom to abstract.
    5. Incorrect validation of @OrderBy content in complex cases.
    6. Studio on Windows doesn't start if JAVA_HOME is not set

Version 1.6.3

Bug fixes:
  1. When adding charts base project, charts-web-screens.xml is not added to the project configuration.
  2. Incorrect notification "Tomcat was not stopped" appears after changing the project properties.

Version 1.6.2

  1. Windows installer.
  2. Check for Java reserved words in Enum name.
  3. Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.6.1

  1. Platform release 5.6 support.
    Automatic migration of existing projects changes the platform XSD in all XML files.
  2. The new BPM base project can be used in application projects based on the platform release 5.6+.
  3. Full-text search configuration editor is available if the project uses FTS. See Other in the navigator panel.
  4. Tomcat ports can be changed on the Advanced tab of the project properties page.
  5. JAVA_HOME environment variable is not required for working with projects in Studio. You can select a path to JDK in the Java home field in the server window, and it will be used as JAVA_HOME for project building and Tomcat running.
  6. studio.bat starts the Studio server without a console window.
  7. The debugWidgetSet Gradle task is added to the project if it has own widgetset and is based on the platform release 5.6+.
  8. Improved name abbreviation on Oracle database to prevent name collisions.
  9. Over 20 other bug fixes, enhancements and usability improvements.