CUBA Studio Changelog

Version 1.5.2

  1. Statistics button in the project properties panel shows the number of entities, screens, etc.
  2. Root package field have been made read-only. If you want to change the root package, close the project in Studio, move all your classes to the new package and edit the metadata.xml and spring.xml files.
  3. Notification about platform updates is more descriptive now.
  4. Added icons for the chart components.
  5. Fixed service name validation.
  6. Fixed copyright variable names to conform IntelliJ IDEA supported variables.
  7. The list of samples is read from resource instead of the GitHub unauthenticated API.
  8. More descriptive log messages.

Version 1.5.1

  1. If the project uses the charts base project, the component palette contains charts and MapViewer.
  2. The local Maven repository can be added to build.gradle: see Advanced tab on the project properties page.
  3. Support for Vaadin 6 is now disabled for projects based on the platform version 5.5+.
  4. Fixed bug which prevents reading project settings after importing the project.

Version 1.5.0