CUBA Platform Changelog

Version 5.6.12

  1. In GroupTable, select all nested rows when clicking on a group row.
  2. Disable "Add To Set" functionality if FoldersPane is disabled
  3. More convenient advanced filter properties saving.
  4. [FTS] Added asynchronous reindexing.
  5. Bug fixes, including:
  6. Over 80 other bug fixes and improvements.

Version 5.6.7

  1. Support for Microsoft Edge.
  2. Fixed temporary freezing before showing a notification in Firefox 41.
  3. A number of bug fixes for Internet Explorer 9 and 10.
  4. The FileMultiUploadField component is now based on JavaScript when working in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE10+.
  5. The Filter component:
  6. The MapViewer component:
  7. Fixed bug in SearchPickerField when selecting an option from the drop-down list by Enter.
  8. A number of bug fixes in the Chart component.
  9. Fixed exception in the Reports browser when sorting by the Group column.
  10. Fixed handling of the ext:index screen XML attribute for inherited elements.
  11. Added method expandUpTo() to the Tree component.
  12. A user now cannot accidentally hide all columns in a table.
  13. Default scrollbars are shown by default. Use the $cuba-scrollbars-style-enabled variable in halo-defaults.scss to show styled scrollbars in Chrome.
  14. The @between JPQL macro can now contain arithmetic expressions, e.g: @between(u.createTs, now - ? + 1, now, day)
  15. Improved collection datasource parameters handling:
  16. Over 70 other bug fixes and improvements.

Version 5.6.4

This is the first public release of platform version 5.6. All significant changes from version 5.5 are listed below.

  1. Potentially breaking changes:
  2. The new BPM (Business Process Management) base project is available. See documentation.
  3. When restoring soft deleted entities, the whole graph of entities deleted by cascade relations is restored. For example, if you have deleted a Role with Permissions, after restoring the Role the Permissions will also be restored automatically.
  4. Improved usability of the Administration > Data Recovery screen.
  5. Table component:
  6. GroupTable component:
  7. Filter component:
  8. Button does not react on keyboard shortcuts containing Enter or Space plus modifiers.
  9. Added setLookupScreenDialogParams() method for TokenList component.
  10. Added visible attribute to TabSheet tab XML element.
  11. The primary parameter can be provided when creating a DialogAction to give it a special style and focus.
  12. Improved popup menu usability - now it can be used from keyboard only with Tab and arrows keys.
  13. A tooltip with keyboard shortcut is shown for a button if the description is not set.
  14. The Logout button has been added to the error dialog in the web client.
  15. Some UI elements related to dynamic attributes have been refactored, in particular CategoryAttributeEditor and RuntimePropertiesFrame. SetValueEntity class has been removed.
  16. Support for dynamic attributes of entity and enumeration type in REST API.
  17. Added @enum JPQL macro, which allows you to use a fully qualified enum constant name instead of its database identifier in queries.
  18. Ability to download attachments of previously sent emails - see the Download attachments button in the Administration > Email History screen.
  19. Added the debugWidgetSet Gradle task. It simplifies debugging browser-side code.
  20. build.gradle properties ext.tomcatPort, ext.tomcatShutdownPort, ext.tomcatDebugPort can be used to install Tomcat with non-standard ports.
  21. The default pattern for user full name has been changed to firstName lastName (see the cuba.user.fullNamePattern application property).
  22. FileBrowser is now implements Window.Lookup interface so the file descriptor browser can be used as a lookup screen.
  23. The new ext:index XML attribute helps changing the order existing elements in an extended screen.
  24. Standard action icon names are now in the main message pack and can be overridden in the application project.
  25. Empty captions for actions and buttons can be set by defining caption="" XML attribute. Previously this resulted in setting standard captions.
  26. Fixed error in 3rd level composition editor when editing just created entity.
  27. The Excel export mechanism now takes into account column data types.
  28. Better support for Microsoft JDBC driver.
  29. [Report Generator] The new Chart output type is available if your project also uses Charts and Maps base project.
  30. [Report Generator] Support for XLSM files (XLSX with macros).
  31. Over 100 other bug fixes and improvements.

Upgrading projects from 5.5 to 5.6