CUBA Platform Changelog

Version 5.5.5

  1. LookupPickerField with the Clear action is now used for parameters.
  2. OrderedContainer has been introduced. BoxLayout, GroupBoxLayout, ScrollBoxLayout, IFrame implement it.
  3. Bug fixes, including:

Version 5.5.1

  1. Roles browser now contains the Default Role editable column.
  2. Saving of settings can be disabled for any component implementing the HasSettings interface by using its settingsEnabled property.
  3. Screen captions of security editors have been changed.
  4. Bug fixes, including:

Version 5.5.0

This is the first public release of platform version 5.5. All significant changes from version 5.4 are listed below.

  1. In web client, the application main window is now built on Generic UI technology. It consists of the XML descriptor and Java controller, can contain standard GUI components and datasources, as well as some specific components. You can customize your main window layout by extending from the default com/haulmont/cuba/web/app/mainwindow/mainwindow.xml descriptor, or create a window from scratch. See documentation for details.
  2. Dynamic attributes mechanism was greatly improved:
  3. The Performance Statistics mechanism gathers some runtime information and displays it on the screen available in the Administration menu. For each parameter, the following values are shown: The set of parameters includes JVM-related information like memory and CPU consumption, as well as application-specific values like request and transaction rates. The screen also allows a user to view all current threads with their CPU consumption and stack traces.
  4. Exception handlers mechanism now works on Generic UI level, so the handler classes are shared between web and desktop clients. Client-specific handlers work as before for some special cases and for backward compatibility.
  5. The localized messages search procedure has been improved. If a message is not found in the message packs chain, it is searched in the main message pack. So you can directly reference messages located in the main message pack, for example: caption="msg://actions.Ok"
  6. The primaryKey parameter of the EntityManager.find() method is now generic and must conform to the entity key type.
  7. CollectionDatasource has been improved for better support of sorting non-persistent and reference attributes in Table. Now it can sort on the database level using @MetaProperty.related() or @NamePattern entity annotaions. See documentation for details.
  8. Aggregation in Table can be customized with a class implementing the AggregationStrategy interface. See documentation for details.
  9. The TokenList component has been simplified: items are added to the list right after selecting them in the drop-down list, without the Add button.
  10. Saving settings on screen close can be disabled for any UI component implementing HasSettings: see the setSettingsEnabled() method.
  11. Added a convenient method for checking specific permissions: checkSpecificPermission(String name). It throws AccessDeniedException if the user has no permission with the provided name.
  12. API of CreateAction, EditAction and RemoveAction has been improved: you can provide handlers to intercept "after" events instead of subclassing the whole action and overriding its "after" methods. See JavaDocs for details.
  13. EntityLog now creates only one record for a transaction commit, regardless of number of EntityManager.flush() executions.
  14. Added the cuba.connectionTimeout and cuba.connectionReadTimeout application properties for the middleware connection timeouts control.
  15. Added the cuba.web.showBreadCrumbs application property for hiding the breadcrumbs panel which appears on top of the main window working area.
  16. Added the cuba.restApi.enabled specific permission for explicit control of the access to REST API.
  17. [Report Generator] Report wizard can create reports with JPQL queries.
  18. Upgraded dependencies:
  19. Vaadin 6 web modules are not supported anymore.
  20. Various fixes of MaskedField component.
  21. Over 70 other bug fixes and improvements.

Upgrading projects from 5.4 to 5.5