CUBA Platform Changelog

Version 5.3.7

  1. Bug fixes.

Version 5.3.4

  1. Dialog windows can now have width calculated by their content (AUTO). Example usage:
    public class GroupEditor extends AbstractEditor {
        public void init(Map params) {
  2. FieldGroup and GridLayout components now support align attribute for alignment in a parent container.
  3. EntityListenerManager, ExcelExporter, DesktopWindowManager are opened for inheritance.
  4. Halo theme visual enhancements.
  5. Added CSS style for keyboard navigation in date picker for Havana theme.
  6. A warning is logged on start if cuba.mainMessagePack property value is invalid.
  7. Many improvements in ccpayments base project.
  8. Bug fixes, including:

Version 5.3.2

  1. Added non-null constraint to attribute. Database update scripts are provided, it is recommended to update database after upgrading to this version.
  2. Bug fixes, including:

Version 5.3.1

This is the first public release of platform version 5.3. All significant changes from version 5.2 are listed below.

  1. New Halo theme is added to the platform and can be used in any project along with the current Havana theme.
    Documentation: English, Russian.
  2. Added support for primary keys of type Long, Integer and String.
    Documentation: English, Russian.
  3. The platform doesn't restrict your choice of DBMS anymore - an arbitrary DBMS supported by OpenJPA can now be used in the project.
    Documentation: English, Russian.
  4. Layout of User editor screen is changed for better support of hiding unused fields. If you have screens, extended from user-edit.xml, you may have to update them accordingly.
  5. Table component now has setColumnAlignment() method and corresponding align XML attribute for aligning text in cells.
  6. LoadContext.Query does not allow missing parameters and parameters not mentioned in query string. For example, the following code will lead to an error:
    loadContext.setQueryString("select u from sec$User u where u.login = :login").setParameter("name", "admin");
    At the same time this code will execute correctly but return nothing, as before:
    loadContext.setQueryString("select u from sec$User u where u.login = :login");
  7. REST API:
  8. Upgraded dependencies:
  9. Bug fixes.

Upgrading projects from 5.2 to 5.3