CUBA Platform Changelog

Version 5.2.2

This is the first publicly abailable release of 5.2 version. All significant changes from 5.1 version are listed below.

  1. Charts base project now includes Google Maps integration component - MapViewer. See Charts and Maps manual.
  2. The new Analyze layout function allows to find screen layout errors right in the working application. It is accessible for each open screen via the context menu on its main window tab or modal window title. To switch off the function in production mode use cuba.gui.layoutAnalyzerEnabled application property.
  3. Secure "Remember me" implementation.
  4. New Generic UI visual components: BulkEditor and RelatedEntities.
  5. Basic integration with Active Directory using LdapAuthProvider class.
  6. Configuration interfaces now can be directly injected into managed beans and screen controllers.
  7. Entity listeners can be Spring managed beans and use dependency injection.
  8. GridLayout now interprets colspan and rowspan properties in the same way as in HTML: how many cells will be occupied by a component. So the default value is 1.
  9. ButtonsPanel can contain any component, not only buttons.
  10. Table and GroupTable components now support aggregation.
  11. Method removeExecutionHistory() of app-core.cuba:type=Scheduling MBean can be used to remove old execution history.
  12. A method for file downloading is added to the REST API.
  13. FileDescriptor.size attribute is changed to Long.
  14. cuba.connectionUrl application property is deprecated and replaced with cuba.connectionUrlList. The old name is supported for backward compatibility, but the support will be removed in future versions.
  15. Localized messages search loads messages supports scanning included packs up like normal packs. And now it is possible to override existing messages from base projects by specifying new messages in project's main message pack in the following format: = Overridden Message
  16. Upgraded dependencies:
  17. Bug fixes.

Upgrading projects from 5.1 to 5.2