CUBA Platform Changelog

Version 5.1.8

  1. User must enter current password before changing it in the Help -> Settings window.
  2. cuba.web.rememberMeEnabled application property, if set to false, removes Remember me checkbox from login window.
  3. @Lob annotation is used to define a String attribute of unlimited length.
  4. AddAction now supports openType declaration in XML like CreateAction and EditAction.
  5. Full-text search classes are now easier to extend.
  6. Entity Inspector now uses TextArea for long text.
  7. User sessions created by REST API now have client info and address.
  8. Added specific styles for editWindowActions and extendedEditWindowActions frames: cuba-edit-window-actions and cuba-extended-edit-window-actions respectively.
  9. Bug fixes, including:

Version 5.1.6

  1. New attribute fieldCaptionWidth of FieldGroup component. It allows to set width for the field captions explicitly, which is useful when you need to align several FieldGroups placed vertically on the screen.
  2. Additional lightweight style for GroupBox. Set stylename="light" to display top border only.
  3. More information about user session in Client Info column of User Sessions screen.
  4. Gradle tomcat task to run Tomcat in current terminal window.
  5. Bug fixes, including:

Version 5.1.5

  1. New options for Table presentation: Reset settings, Text selection. To use them, open Presentation settings window by clicking on icon in the top right corner of table.
  2. OBF mode for CUBA widgetset to reduce deployment size.
  3. Bug fixes, including:

Version 5.1.4

  1. New Charts module implementation, based on amCharts JavaScript library.
  2. Option to create web UI module based on Vaadin 6. This option is recommended only if you have to support Internet Explorer 8 clients and your screens are rendered too slowly on Vaadin 7 due to this problem.
  3. Metadata initialization is much faster now, because the platform doesn't search entity classes in CLASSPATH. Persistent classes list is loaded from persistence.xml files, non-persistent classes list is loaded from metadata.xml files. Therefore both cuba.persistenceConfig and cuba.metadataConfig properties must be defined in all modules (core, web, desktop, portal) of your application.
  4. Session fixation attacks are prevented by replacing HTTP session on successful login.
  5. Meta properties (transient attributes) in persistent entities are now enhanced to fire ValueListeners on setting new value.
  6. SoftDelete interface does not extend Updatable.
  7. Project-level exception handlers now run before platform-level.
  8. Action.description attribute added. It affects the owning component's description attribute.
  9. LookupField: newOptionAllowed attribute can now be set from XML definition.
  10. AbstractWindow.ready() method added for custom initialization right before screen opening.
  11. Nullable Datasource.getItemIfValid() method added.
  12. Ctrl-Shift-PgUp/PgDn keyboard shortcut switches tabs in the main tab sheet.
  13. System information window always shows all system attributes (createTs, createdBy, etc.) regardless of the view used in datasource.
  14. Saved table column settings are ignored if saved columns list does not match such list in the project. This resolves the issue with adding new columns to production system: previously the new column was always shown last instead of where developer placed it.
  15. New trigger files mechanism monitors the contents of tomcat/temp/$app_name/triggers directory, and when a file with the name like "beanName.methodName" appears, the mechanism invokes the corresponding method.
    CUBA Studio creates trigger file cuba_Messages.clearCache to clear localized messages cache on hot deploy. You can do the same for deployConf Gradle task by adding the following to GUI and Web modules configuration in build.gradle:
                task clearMessagesCache(type: CubaClearMessagesCache) {
                    appName = 'app'
                deployConf.dependsOn clearMessagesCache
  16. Spring Framework is updated to 3.1.4 release. Spring Security is updated to 3.1.6.
  17. Tomcat is updated to 7.0.53.
  18. Bug fixes, including:

Upgrading projects from 5.0 to 5.1