CUBA Platform Changelog

Version 5.0.17


PL-3699 - DesktopSearchPickerField - incorrect filtering in component

PL-3700 - Required searchField with null option does not select single suggestion

PL-3738 - Component owned shortcuts are broken

PL-3739 - Custom datatype is not used by components


PL-3730 - Improve WAR deployment tasks

Version 5.0.16


PL-3684 - Set allowCommit false for non persistent datasources in RoleEditor

PL-3685 - Control User Substitution creation according to user permissions

Performance Problem

PL-3691 - Fix repetitive metadata.xml loading and parsing

Version 5.0.15


PL-1913 - OptionsGroup component. Bug horizontal with Orientation

PL-3533 - Failed OptionsGroup use cases

PL-3539 - Failed LookupField use cases with null option

PL-3547 - Support instance name for nullOption in LookupField

PL-3584 - "Value too long for varchar 255" for CreditCardTransaction.errorMessage

PL-3613 - Add scroll to ScheduledTaskEditor

PL-3617 - Button - vertical align for caption and icon

PL-3627 - Option "cuba.gui.genericFilterTrimParamValues" does not work for Desktop

PL-3629 - Memory leak when using ListEditComponent

PL-3632 - Scheduled task editor layout is broken when definedBy = "Script"

PL-3643 - DesktopSearchPickerField broken after focus lost

PL-3645 - Desktop table sorting bugs if you change list of columns

PL-3646 - AbstractWindow#preClose is not called in desktop client

PL-3649 - AbstractAction does not notify about changed shortcut

PL-3650 - FtsManager.processQueue() should not check ClusterManagerAPI.isMaster()

PL-3656 - Table clickAction issue

PL-3669 - GroupTable is drawn incorrectly

PL-3672 - Specifying custom Null Option keeps empty option in desktop lookup field


PL-3653 - Main window with header has white background


PL-3647 - Slow screen closing leads to exception if user clicks button twice


PL-3652 - Make FtsManager to be extendable

PL-3663 - Separate FTS indexing on servers

PL-3664 - Enable indexing and searching of embedded entities fields

PL-3665 - Strict GWT building

Performance Problem

PL-3567 - Entity inspector makes unnecessary load request for 10000 entities

Version 5.0.14


PL-3199 - Return list if it's empty to prevent divide by zero exception if first result not equals to "0"

PL-3505 - Reload table selection from datasource on collection change

PL-3558 - PortalConnection.update() sets SecurityContext instead of PortalSecurityContext

PL-3562 - AbstractEditor.initNewItem() should not be called for editing not committed instance of 2nd level

PL-3565 - MappingFileCreator should check transitive inheritance

PL-3573 - Copied designs aren't shown

PL-3576 - Internal column generator for boolean datatype causes IllegalArgumentException

PL-3582 - Can't use entity log for extended entity

PL-3587 - Rework repaint and setEditable methods for web table

PL-3596 - Enter shortcut does not work for Tree

PL-3597 - Input stream is not closed in AbstractMessages

PL-3608 - Remove SearchPickerField editing highlight for readonly component

PL-3610 - SearchPickerField - move edit color to SCSS theme

PL-3612 - Ability to clear search picker value without clear button

PL-3615 - Fix fireValueChanged for Desktop components

PL-3621 - Nested ValueChanged listener for web ignored


PL-3550 - Caption doesn't fit in multiupload button

PL-3557 - Localize field caption in app folder editor

PL-3577 - TimeField doesn't fit to category's attribute editor

PL-3593 - DeletePolicyHandler shows error message with
text inside


PL-3609 - ReadOnlyException for WebSearchPickerField

PL-3620 - NPE in DesktopAbstractTable


PL-2089 - ViewRepository should warn on duplicate view definition without "overwrite" attribute

PL-3279 - SearchPickerField for desktop

PL-3561 - Add random strategy of selecting middleware server from client

PL-3604 - Introduce WindowParams.MULTI_SELECT parameter


PL-3543 - Trim filter parameters text fields

Usability Problem

PL-3590 - Mark required fields in password change window

PL-3605 - DevelopmentException instead of NPE if parameters of setDatasource() method are incorrect

Version 5.0.12


PL-1829 - Security constraints should be applied on JPQL "from" entity regardless of LoadContext entity type

PL-3157 - WebTable does not show new boolean value after field change

PL-3413 - Uploading several external files works incorrectly

PL-3444 - Inconsistent behaviour while adding/removing multiple actions with same shortcut to Table

PL-3450 - Correct dataset selection in Report editor

PL-3452 - @ManyToMany and @OnDeleteInverse do not work together as expected

PL-3454 - AbstractTreeDatasource doesn't free internal resources on clear() call

PL-3457 - 'Cancel' button and ESC shortcut work differently

PL-3466 - Fix right mouse click on tree

PL-3473 - Turn off identity insert after seq_jbpm_id_gen creation in MSSQL

PL-3476 - Editing of ManyToMany related entity leads to OptimisticLockException if another instance is created at the same time

PL-3490 - LinkLoader loads caption from value attribute

PL-3493 - Canceled changes in new COMPOSITION entity saved in parent after repeated edit

PL-3495 - Exception when switching active filter in dialog lookup

PL-3499 - WebTabSheet components must be ordered

PL-3501 - Table management controls are not localized in desktop

PL-3505 - Reload table selection from datasource on collection change

PL-3512 - Wrong message when uploaded file exceeds maximum size

PL-3534 - Mark groovy scripts with postUpdate as executed only after their execution

PL-3536 - DB scripts sorting uses full file names with extension


PL-3453 - More specific messages in running report dialog


PL-3417 - NPE in Entity Log

PL-3418 - IllegalStateException in Entity Log

PL-3429 - NPE when we try to add entity to set while no set is selected in filter

PL-3483 - NPE in AttachmentEditor

PL-3527 - NPE - Key combinations for submenu


PL-1925 - Get rid of requirement 'alias$EntityName.lookup' screen for LookupAction

PL-3394 - Russian translation for CCPayments

PL-3419 - Implement Messages#formatMainMessage(...)

PL-3475 - Details for ControllerDependencyInjector warning about not found required inject value

PL-3477 - Validate dsContext to have unique datasource IDs

PL-3482 - Preconditions with checkNotNullArgument

PL-3486 - Key combinations for numeric keyboard

PL-3488 - Do not commit datasources with allowCommit = false

PL-3510 - Profile screen XML parse time


PL-3470 - Error when creating new JMX node

Usability Problem

PL-3266 - Make BaseUuidEntity.getMetaClass() to throw exception instead of returning null

PL-3456 - Replace AbstractEditor.initItem() with initNewItem()

PL-3458 - Unsaved changes dialog appears for new entity even if user didn't change anything

PL-3478 - Add possibility to copy generated password from table

PL-3503 - Fix Table columns API

PL-3508 - Fix handling of mutable views

PL-3509 - Fix problem with

placing dependent View definitions in different files

Version 5.0.11


PL-2800 - Editable reference columns do not work in desktop

PL-3314 - Editable columns implementation for Desktop

PL-3334 - Method parentBand.getParameter('paramName') is absent

PL-3350 - DialogParams.setHeight does not set maximum height of dialog for Desktop

PL-3351 - Force charset=UTF-8 for downloads

PL-3354 - Assign frame for buttons panel

PL-3358 - Editor doesn't save new instance if its fields are not changed

PL-3362 - OptimisticExceptionHandler can skip the exception

PL-3363 - Width 100% for edit components in filter editor

PL-3364 - WebSourceCodeEditor should return null instead of empty string

PL-3368 - Disallow commit in usersDs of CardRolesFrame

PL-3369 - Text wrap in BackgroundWorkWindow

PL-3370 - 'ORA-01031: insufficient privileges' when working on Oracle instance with more than one CUBA database

PL-3371 - Don't allow to set till date beyond start date for user substitution

PL-3372 - Init default converter for web TextField

PL-3373 - Date and time field validation failed if time is not set

PL-3384 - Cannot copy user by using context menu

PL-3397 - Button "Change password" is disabled after second click on users list

PL-3406 - Extra button in lookup fields in IE 10

PL-3415 - Custom field generator can't be replaced in FieldGroup

PL-3421 - FieldGroup.setFieldValue works correctly with String only

PL-3425 - "In" filter condition does not work for String values

PL-3426 - AddToSet and RemoveFromSet buttons enabled state works improperly

PL-3427 - Fix focus gaining for components in Table from mouse events

PL-3430 - Cells of generated columns do not receive mouse events in desktop

PL-3431 - Lookup field with new option handler works incorrectly in desktop

PL-3434 - Only one row is selected after right-click in multi-select Table

PL-3443 - Take into account action visibility for shortcuts

PL-3445 - BandDefinitionEditor bug with selection change and active edit components for dataset


PL-2982 - Prettify report group editor

PL-3283 - Ugly focused styles for tabsheet and menu

PL-3359 - Replace single radiobutton with label in SessionMessageWindow

PL-3360 - Add scroll to right panel in "Email history" screen

PL-3381 - Close JMX operation result window by Esc and Enter

PL-3382 - Change ObjectName for reporting MBeans to ${cuba.webContextName}.reports

PL-3396 - Fix checkbox alignment in Desktop fieldgroup

PL-3398 - Disable "Copy" button after opening user browser


PL-3173 - NPE while injecting datasources from parent window to frame controller

PL-3383 - ClassCastException after copying user' settings


PL-1959 - Run report in background

PL-2730 - Theme improvements for Button

PL-3208 - Static HTML link component

PL-3345 - Log perfstat information in EmailSender#sendEmail

PL-3357 - Show entity name instead of word "Entity" when OK without close is pressed

PL-3365 - Instantiate embedded attributes having public default constructor in CreateAction

PL-3380 - Ability to set non-standard port for HSQLDB server

PL-3424 - BackgroundTaskWrapper should support tasks with parameters

PL-3435 - Ability to set selected any opened tab in main tabsheet using WindowManager

PL-3440 - Hide invisible actions from Table context menu


PL-3441 - Attribute permissions in Desktop table is broken

Usability Problem

PL-3227 - DevelopmentException for incorrect onTimer definition

PL-3388 - Table should receive focus after closing the editor which was opened by table's action

PL-3403 - Support receiving focus in table

Version 5.0.10


PL-3055 - Set default required message in setDatasource

PL-3288 - Value listener is lost when editing a nested entity

PL-3312 - getDirtyFields() ignores the last field from dirtySet

PL-3317 - PickerField action - openType setting does not work

PL-3325 - Remove icon:// check from ComponentLoader.loadResourceString

PL-3328 - PickerField as column editor in editable tables

PL-3331 - Invalid Oracle service name in createDb task

PL-3338 - Handle exceptions in Timer


PL-3311 - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException after adding new empty condition

PL-3337 - IllegalArgumentException when creating empty constrains

PL-3341 - NPE when we try to create empty sys$EntityStatistics

PL-3343 - QueryResult in EntityInspector


PL-3315 - Inherit DesktopGroupTable from DesktopTable

PL-3316 - AddAction should try to find '*.lookup' screen first

PL-3332 - Add ability to specify Oracle system user name for createDb task

Usability Problem

PL-3318 - PickerField.LookupAction#getLookupScreenParams returns null

Version 5.0.9


PL-2968 - Add possibility to remove component when we edit role

PL-3026 - Impossible to set column header and visible columns via Table interface

PL-3220 - TextField.setDataSource should set maxLength if it is specified in metaProperty

PL-3251 - Table datasource listener is not called: generated column with button

PL-3291 - Hide required checkbox for Group conditions in Generic Filter editor

PL-3301 - Remove LoginUserCommand from portal module


PL-2914 - Pinned filter looks bad

PL-2965 - Prettify dialog for copying settings

PL-3292 - Desktop filter - rounded borders of groups are ugly

PL-3305 - GroupBox header artifacts on resize


PL-3311 - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException after adding new empty condition


PL-3118 - Add possibility to add generated column in desktop client without declaration in XML

PL-3146 - Make passwordEncryption extendable. Remove HashMethod enum.

Usability Problem

PL-3210 - No deprecation comment in @Prefix class

PL-3289 - Need JavaDocs for Timer interface

Version 5.0.8


PL-3282 - Running createDb with script which contains "select call_function();" inside of it returns error

PL-3284 - Don't run nested bands if parent band has empty results


PL-3278 - StackOverflowError - setValue() from ValueListener in DesktopDateField

Usability Problem

PL-3281 - Make always not null

Version 5.0.7


PL-2710 - Hiding of field in FieldGroup leaves spacings visible

PL-3097 - Double click mode for Tree

PL-3161 - PickerField buttons should not be visited by focus traversal

PL-3265 - WebDateField bug with prevValue update

PL-3270 - Pressing Enter in MaskedField does not send value to server


PL-2933 - Filter edit layout problem in desktop client

PL-3063 - Vertical align of captions in FieldGroup must be middle

PL-3248 - Report window titles and localization


PL-3261 - Internal error on logout in case of deeply nested opened screens


PL-3118 - Add possibility to add generated column in desktop client without declaration in XML

PL-3258 - Focused styles for components

PL-3260 - Method getComponentNN for Component.Container

PL-3267 - Support select first N rows by Shift+Click in Table

PL-3268 - User friendly message on report import error

PL-3276 - Table API - setColumnCaption and setColumnCollapsed


PL-3238 - Fix focused button style

Usability Problem

PL-3249 - Show information about failed band and query in report generation error

Version 5.0.6


PL-3224 - Race condition in DesktopBackgroundWorker

PL-3239 - DB scripts should be read in UTF-8 encoding regardless of OS

PL-3245 - Report band field names are not taken from aliases on HSQLDB

PL-3247 - Show error message dialog for reporting exceptions


PL-3235 - Typo in Timer JavaDoc

Version 5.0.5


PL-2080 - Previous table row keeps selection on traverse to next row by tab

PL-3112 - Remove generated columns only for editable fields on Table.setEditable

PL-3156 - Set root error handler to VaadinSession

PL-3159 - Fix validators for web FieldGroup

PL-3165 - Support for shortcuts in CubaTextField

PL-3172 - Do not try to show error notification if App is not bound

PL-3176 - Do not try to find focus component on tabsheet tabs

PL-3181 - Do not autowire Vaadin property datasources for table column fields

PL-3187 - Ensure getting a message is safe even when there is no UserSession

PL-3191 - WebOptionsGroup.getValue returns Collection which contains another Collection

PL-3206 - Desktop app properties are loaded using default OS encoding, should be UTF-8

PL-3217 - Disable screen history saving after logout

PL-3225 - createDb fails if commands separator in init script is not followed by space

PL-3234 - Handle OpenOfficeException from YARG


PL-3164 - Make distance between names and fields smaller in Process editor

PL-3175 - Add localization for wf$AttachmentType

PL-3211 - Remove tags from design compilation results dialog


PL-3121 - Support option dialog actions without icons

PL-3155 - NPE on adding Role to User if this Role is already added

PL-3171 - Exception when we try to select entity in Entity Log

PL-3223 - ArrayIndexOutOfBounds in DesktopTable


PL-3194 - Use default locale from configuration instead of Locale.getDefault()

Version 5.0.4


PL-2898 - Not editable CardRolesFrame allows to edit process roles

PL-2926 - com.vaadin.ui.Label increases the table's row height if it doesn't fit by length

PL-3077 - Use GUI components for FieldGroup validation

PL-3086 - Validation alert contains br tags instead of line breaks

PL-3093 - Working calendar editing issue on HSQLDB

PL-3102 - setCaptionProperty() doesn't work for WebLookupPickerField and MetaProperty

PL-3109 - FieldGroup as focus component in window

PL-3111 - Remove unnecessary overridden methods from web components

PL-3122 - Fix FTS on HSQLDB

PL-3131 - Non localized message 'cardWasDeletedByAnotherUser' in ProcessAction

PL-3132 - Check card version in ProcessAction to prevent optimistic locks

PL-3137 - Limit email subject by 500 symbols on sending email


PL-3092 - Correct HTML output in process design compilation results window

PL-3134 - Font color for web UI was changed

PL-3136 - Fix border style for top level tabsheet


PL-3061 - Table with column hidden by security throws error on setStyleProvider()

PL-3085 - Gradle updateDb task throws exception on Groovy update script

PL-3103 - TopLevelFrame.showNotification NPE

PL-3139 - NPE when we try to see component's name in filter


PL-2852 - Make Data Recovery screen to be available in desktop client

PL-3024 - Non-valid component must be focused on validation

PL-3110 - Ability to inject separate FieldGroup fields

PL-3149 - Create CommitListenerAdapter class to simplify CommitListener implementation


PL-3145 - Move FTS screens declaration from cuba-web-screens.xml to separate file

Usability Problem

PL-3141 - showNotification, showMessageDialog, showOptionDialog should be tolerant to nulls

Version 5.0.3


PL-2137 - Login window localization problems

PL-2867 - When password is changed it should not be the same as old

PL-2892 - Permissions to attributes of parent entity

PL-2970 - Emailer and Daylight Saving Time switch

PL-2990 - Inject datasources from nested frame to main window

PL-3032 - Cleanup background tasks only if logged out

PL-3045 - BandDefinitionEditor$Companion warning

PL-3047 - Warn about specified view for datasource with not persistent entity

PL-3054 - Vaadin's AbstractComponent.isEnabled() takes into account component visibility

PL-3056 - Fix window for multiple selection of Workflow's user groups

PL-3058 - Use cuba.availableLocales instead of cuba.portal.defaultLocale for Portal module configuration

PL-3062 - PickerField caption property formatting

PL-3070 - XSD FieldGroup.Field custom - type xs:boolean

PL-3076 - Fix PatternValidator messages for null value

PL-3081 - Don't run empty statements (spaces after last ^) on automatic database update


PL-3048 - Exception on creating IDEA project files if they already exist

PL-3050 - Exception on logout when shown dialog with unsaved message


PL-2852 - Make Data Recovery screen to be available in desktop client

PL-3010 - Pack scss themes to jar instead of zip

PL-3072 - Hook to set ValueChangeListener for CardRoleField


PL-3019 - Add support of HTML markup in UI notifications

PL-3022 - Extract small methods which show validation errors in web / desktop

Usability Problem

PL-3020 - Handle incorrect PickerField usage

PL-3043 - Environment variable CUBA_TOMCAT_START_SCRIPT for Tomcat start on Linux

PL-3074 - Separate notification and dialog methods supporting HTML

PL-3079 - More descriptive message is needed when core app is not started by some reason

Version 5.0.2

PL-3004 - Initialize ButtonsPanel always, not depending on visibility.

PL-2963 - Don't display asterisk for DateField if editable="false".

PL-1731 - Fix WorkCalendar cache.

PL-2930 - Fix memory leak in WebAbstractBox.remove().

PL-2797 - Fix problem with injection of a datasource into @WindowParam annotated field.

PL-3015 - Replace default branding icons.

PL-2956 - Fix display of labels in table's generated columns for desktop client.

PL-2952 - Fix TabSheet.Tab.setEnabled() on screen opening.

PL-2798 - Fix filter fields in user sessions screen for desktop client.

PL-2983 - Implement ProcessAction in GUI module.

PL-2995 - Add validations to category's attribute editor screen.

PL-2993 - Add method to WindowConfig to check existence of a screen.

PL-2087 - Fix GroupBox with 100% height display.

PL-2954 - Set property cuba.metadataConfig in desktop application.

PL-2953 - Make Emailer and SmsManager to check that AppContext is started when called from Spring schedulers.

PL-2936 - Fix StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on uploading an attachment without file type set.

PL-2950 - StringDatatype.format() should never return null.

PL-2927 - Fix ActiveDirectoryHelper current session assignment.

PL-2918 - Make unique names when copying reports.

PL-2974 - Fix permissions.xsd.

Version 5.0.1

This is the first generally available version, so no changes yet :)